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Written By Zalmen

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Things-To-Do to Get Your Brick and Mortar Business on the Internet

Presently, having your business presence online is not a choice, but a must-do thing. Luckily, there are many tools available that offer eCommerce solutions for your brick and mortar business online. So here are the necessary steps you are required to take to bring your store on the web.

  1. Get a domain name
  2. Have an authentic web hosting service
  3. Get a ‘Secure Socket Layer Encryption’ or SSL
  4. Go for the shopping cart option for the fast order process
  5. Merge a payment gateway
  6. Incorporate a point of sale (POS) solution

Get a Domain Name

You need a particular identity for your website to make your business accessible online. For that, you must have a domain name, as it gives a unique IP address of the server. And since all the websites are operational with the help of IP addresses, a Domain Name System or DNS helps translate the IP address to a particular domain. And that’s how people can visit your online site whenever they enter a site. In reality, they are taken to a specific domain name that represents your website’s name.

Once the domain name is created with the help of a DNS, it allows visitors to come to your site and see or download all the files from the internet to their personal computers.

Have an Authentic Web Hosting Service

After getting a domain name, the next thing is to have the brick and mortar business online integrated with an authentic web hosting provider.

A web hosting service is where your domain and other files are registered through servers. And these servers then take your site to be easily accessed over the internet or what professionals call, a World Wide Web (www). So what happens is whenever someone tries to access your site, his or her computer is linked with the server where your domain is hosted, and the person can finally see your website’s content on different devices, such as PC, laptop, smartphones, etc. And Crunch is all set to help you with this process.

Get Secure Socket Layer Encryption (SSL)

Besides, domain name and hosting, your site needs an SSL. So what is SSL about? The SSL encryption assures a secure connection between the user and the server where your site is hosted. It protects the data whenever it is accessed through an insecure or public network.

Having an SSL encryption certification allows your customers to feel safe when visiting your website. As they would know that their confidential information, such as credit card information, won’t be accessed or stolen by any unauthorized party. The SSL certification will help you gain your customers’ trust.

However, SSL certification has separate annual chargers, but Crunch includes them in the online ordering package so you don’t have to worry about paying the extra amount.

Go for Shopping Cart Option for Fast Order Process

Once your site is ready, the next you need is to showcase the items on it through a shopping cart. It will help users to process orders quickly whether they are ordering through an online channel (your website), using the payment-on-delivery method, or paying by visiting your physical store.

And with Crunch online ordering panel, creating a shopping cart is simple, as it is done through the POS system. You can immediately sync all your items along with their information from your POS account to your website. This comes with names, pricing, categories, matrix variants, modifiers, and images. You are also free to pick the best color theme for your website.

So whenever your customers will visiting your online shopping cart on your website, they can choose the products and make changes in the specifications from the available options as per their requirements. And the best thing is that consumers can access your website and order anything from anywhere in the world regardless of time. And that gives you a chance to make more revenue.

Moreover, the current pandemic situation is the most suitable time to make your business available online because customers are now willing to shop safely without risking their lives due to interacting with others.

Merge a Payment Gateway

If you want to be paid quickly and not willing to wait for the customers to receive the order and then pay the price, then it is vital to merge your website with a payment gateway to receive payments through credit card.

And by choosing Crunch online ordering services, you can immediately set up the payment gateway and integrate several other payment modes, such as Stripe, or other authorized gateway providers.

So if you wish to have this facility, register to get an Crunch Account and directly set up everything in the Back Office. You just need to include your payment gateway name in the ‘required fields’ to receive the payment.

Incorporate a Point of Sale (POS) Solution

When running your brick and mortar business website, all the data must be available in a single place. That means, your POS and online orders’ data should be centralized. So that you may not waste time searching for the information on multiple platforms.

And guess what? WithCrunch Systems, all your sales and order data is automatically synced among your POS and website. So that you can view and analyze a sole central location only.

And not only that, but with the Crunch solution, you can also sync other important information, such as sold products, customer information, tax, and many more.

Furthermore, you can also print online order receipts as soon they are entered into the POS system. Plus, it will void/refund/reopen online orders, after being placed, from the POS account.

Conclusion and the Next Stage

As mentioned before, your brick and mortar business now needs an online shopping cart more than ever. When your business is accessible online, you can target a greater market segment including the general public, and you can also enjoy high sales even during this unfavorable time.

Through the Crunch online ordering tool, all the above-stated benefits, such as POS synchronization, can be accomplished from a single platform and at a reasonable price. Crunch will take care of the time and cost that you will spend on searching and buying a domain, hosting service, and SSL certification. And all that will be done quickly so that you can instantly start selling your items online.

Click here to relish Crunch online ordering services today and get ready to experience increased revenues.

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