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Written By Zalmen

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Prepare Your Business to Boost Sales in the Holiday Season by using Online Ordering System

How about increasing your profit during the holiday season? One of the best ways to achieve this goal is to have an online ordering system.

Believe it or not, but the holiday season is a boon to numerous businesses. If talking about this year, due to holidays, businesses are likely to generate more revenue than ever, and it’s a much-needed opportunity as they are already facing losses because of the pandemic.

Besides, the online ordering system will have more importance in this year’s holiday season, as customers would prefer ordering their favorite food or any other shopping item and receive it at home in their own comfort rather than visiting a shop physically and risking their lives. To prove this fact, Dynata’s research reveals that around 62% of grown-up consumers have already planned to shop online in the holidays.

Therefore, having an online ordering structure is a great way to maximize the revue in the recent holiday season, and also it would give fruitful results in the future. Experts have the same conclusion that online shopping is just not a 2020 trend, but it will last for years even when coronavirus will come to an end.

So in this article, you will know how to get ready and cash the holiday seasons with the help of the Crunch online ordering system, to make sure your business has a continuous cash flow.

Register for Crunch Systems

The first you need to do is to get tons of orders this holiday reason is to register yourself.

Once you are signed up, you can enjoy all the features, which are offered by Crunch. That includes online site, loyalty programs, and complete Point-on-Sale service. With this program, you can also receive payments and orders from your online shopping cart and store premises, as both the platforms will be attached to the POS account.

Moreover, everything will be centralized, as the system will synchronize the order data and available inventory with your POS and online shopping cart. So whenever a customer will order, he or she can pay directly through credit card, or by visiting the store, or when the order will be delivered.

In case the customers are happy about paying upon delivery or in-store, they can use the contactless payment option, like Google Pay, Apple Pay, or Samsung Pay to eliminate the contamination risk.

Also, Crunch will permit you to keep shipping options to assure errorless shipping right on your customer’s doorstep or any other preferred location.

Show Your Holiday Offerings

If you are offering any special holiday items, like deals, you can get them on the online ordering portal in a separate category that would be showcased on your website.

For instance, your website has a different category by the name of ‘Gifts’ or ‘Holiday Products’. This can surely grab the attention of customers to those specific products available in this category. And ultimately, you will enjoy high sales. They will know what options they have which are on sale this holiday.

You can set up the category on Crunch without biting your nails. Just log in and go to your ‘Back Office’. In the inventory section, make a new category. Then, add all the products that you would like to offer for the holiday season, and make sure you have checked the ‘Include in eCommerce’ option so that each item can be displayed on your website.

After that, visiting the eCommerce settings webpage on your portal and sync all the data to allow the new category along with the products to appear as ‘Available to Order’ on your website.

And here’s a tip. To stay in the vibes, it’s a good thought to temporarily change your website’s look by changing the theme according to holidays to steal the attention. As a suggestion, try to include any ‘Red’ color theme, as it goes with the season. Also, add a ‘call to action’ button to get quick orders.

Pre-Market Your Campaign

Marketing is the heart and soul of any successful business. Try to start your campaign early before the holiday season begins. In that way, potential customers will have awareness about your deals. And also, don’t forget to use the ‘Word-of-mouth’ marketing technique to enjoy high sales conversions.

So where to start the campaign? Here’s the answer!

Run Your Ad on Social Media

One of the best ways to do it is to promote it over social media platforms, such as Twitter, Instagram, and of course, Facebook. All you need to do is to copy/paste your website’s URL (especially for the holiday category) on your social media networks.

This little effort will help your customers to unearth your offered specials and items. Also, they will have immediate access to place their orders. And as a result, you will enjoy high traffic and better revenue.

Use Email Marketing

Remember that we have talked about word of mouth thing? Well, you can do that by making an email campaign. But make sure you are doing it before the season starts to get the best results.

Just like you can promote your offers on social media, you can do the same work by sending emails to the customers with instant access to your holiday category via website link along with shopping cart access for fast sales.

Through online ordering, your customers can easily register themselves for the mailing list right from your website. And then you can use the same emails to send your promotional offers. One of the best tools is MailChimp. You can create your account and begin right away.

To get awesome results, you should make personalized and more targeted emails for your customers, such as ‘Hi John’ or ‘Hey Sharon, we are glad to announce our holiday sales’. According to several studies, experts believe that customers are more attracted to your products with personalization in the message. So, don’t go for random messages, at least, try to add the name of the customer from the data you will have from the eCommerce portal.

Crunch does allow you to make personalized profiles for every customer. You can also view their purchase history so that you can customize the email campaign by targeting the customer’s buying behavior and patterns.

Manage Inventory and Have Products Available

With all the marketing efforts, you should keep in mind that there will be maximum orders. So try to have sufficient inventory so that no customer should go without purchasing the item they have been waiting for. Prepare your stock for the big season. In that way, you can meet your customer demand. However, be good at calculating because we don’t want any unsold stock in the inventory. Use the economics rule of demand and supply.

Contrarily, Crunch allows you to see the sales report to find the historical information about sales to identify which items are extremely popular in this holiday season so that you can have them again in your inventory. These reports are also very useful, as you can also know which products you should not have, or have in minimum quantity.

Get Ready to Answer Customers Queries

With all the promotion, you should expect many emails and calls from customers to get information about products, especially when the holiday season is just a few days away. Similarly, customers will also inquire about their orders.

So try to have a well-trained customer support staff to provide the best customer service because if that won’t be good, customers might not return to purchase things from your business again. Whereas, the positive response from your customer support team will give you more sales, as your existing customers will talk about your brand with their colleagues, friends, and family members.

Keep in mind that customers will ask for a quick response in the holiday season, so make sure your staff is fast to satisfy them by solving their problems. For that, you should look forward to training your staff for the holiday season to meet the needs.


By following the above guidelines, you can make more profits and increase your sales during the holiday season by having an online ordering site. Through Crunch online ordering facility, you can prepare yourself in a great way as you will enjoy:

  • Automatic sales and ordering process to make your products reach the bigger audience
  • Staying up-to-date with the inventory and sales information from all spots (in-store and online) through centralization
  • Ease of marketing your items and holiday specials to receive more sales
  • Stock predicting tools so you are never out of products in the holiday season

If you want to begin with Crunch today, go to https://www.crunchsystems.com/pricing/ and get the package for as low as $99 per month. Hurry up! The offer is valid for a limited time.

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