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Written By Zalmen

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How to Survive in Pandemic as a Restaurant Owner – A Brief Guide

Since the global pandemic is still inescapable, the fear of transferring the virus from person-to-person has blocked social gatherings. So to avoid the spread, New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut have now restricted eateries, bars, and cafes to delivery and takeout.

As a consequence, almost 1 million restaurants in the entire country are finding other ways to increase their sales due to a temporary shutdown. So what measures the restaurant owners can take to fill the gap and to save them from getting financially weak? Here’s the guide that answers similar queries.

Keep Track

While there’s no way yet to protect humanity from coronavirus, it is essential to work on the safety and protection of our community. To decrease transmission, the first step is to stay up to date with all local and global health organizations, such as (WHO, OSHA, and CDC).

Currently, the affected can offer relief, as the workers are quite healthy and young. Also, the Food and Drug Administration (US) has announced that there is no proof that this virus can be transmitted through food or its overall packaging.

Therefore, as a caring and responsible member of the community, you must remind your staff and patrons to avoid interaction if they are going through any COVID symptoms. Apart from age, gender, and health, it is also necessary to avoid social gatherings, which have more than 50 people, as it’s against the law and order. Also, maintaining a six feet social distance is mandatory.

As described by the Professor of Food Studies, Emerita, Public Health, and Nutrition at New York University, Marion Nestle, undeniably coronavirus is life-threatening. However, it is not present on the dinner table when protocols are followed.

“Wash your hands, especially before eating your meals. Use neat silverware, don’t eat from common serving dishes or use cutlery to grab food from common plates or bowls, and don’t touch food that other people are about to eat” – Nestle

So when it’s about health, Crunch requests all restaurants in the world to make essential changes to refine their food-safety and hygienic policies. To do that, follow these suggestions to breakthrough coronavirus.

  • Encourage customers and employees to be regular at hand-washing
  • Install hand-sanitizing stations at the main entrance
  • Wash dishes, flatware, silverware, and utensils a couple of times daily
  • Offer gloves and sanitary wipes to all your staff
  • Follow the contactless payment culture and accept payments through the card to avoid infection
  • Use disinfectant on surfaces, such as on tables, doorknobs, and credit card machine pin pads

Deliver a Clear Message

It’s up to customers where they like to dine out, and that’s why the restaurants need to inform them about the necessary actions, they must take to fight contamination. This could be done through effective communication to ensure the message is delivered. In response, being loyal and concerned about customers’ health and safety will get their trust in you, and then you can also advise them to help small local businesses, as it would be a huge favor to the community.

Through the Restaurant Success team, restaurants are already trying to help customers by briefing them about the ways to help the community. And in all such uncertainties, the best communication ways are through newsletters, social media, and spreading awareness through the restaurant’s official website.

Introduce New Dining Options

Like other communal bodies, your restaurant should also work on all the preventive measures to fight COVID-19 spread. Therefore, you should introduce alternative ways to help customers enjoy the food at their homes rather than visiting a restaurant. These options are:

  • Manage orders over a phone call
  • Make a ghost kitchen and make it functional
  • Provide drive-thru and pickup facilities
  • Offer gift cards for the community’s ease
  • Request customers to leave positive feedback and reviews
  • Offer value deals, discounts, and promotion meals to loyal customers
  • Ask customers to feel free on advising staff for better services
  • Add new concepts to your online menu
  • Permit customers to directly choose food and order through the website
  • Offer contactless delivery method and remind patrons to follow the delivery guidelines

You should not forget that there will be a day when the world will become pandemic-free again. The restaurants will be full of social gatherings, and people will enjoy the atmosphere and dine-in services again in the entire world. But until then, you have to follow the above-mentioned alternatives, which are proven strategies. And we are sure that these guidelines will not only help restaurants to survive in this temporary situation, but it will also bring good sales when COVID-19 will end.

Our Team Message

At Crunch, we support our local eateries now and then, and we are actively taking part to implement all the changes. As the industry is facing downfall since March 2020, we would like to tell our readers that many restaurants are still enjoying high profits by following our alternatives.

We are also providing free consultation along with useful marketing and communication tools to the restaurants, who wish to have a fully-owned online ordering system. Because we know that it is the best way to help local customers in this difficult time.

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