Written By Victoria Salazar

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Written By Victoria Salazar

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How Does Online Food Ordering System Work

Whether you’re a restaurant owner, manager, or operator that takes orders, you realize the many benefits of being able to easily accept orders online. The only problem is that most restaurant online ordering systems are faulty, incomplete, or leave something to be desired.

But what if there was an easier way? A method to ensure that your online orders were 100% accurate, confirmed, verified, and left your customers fully satisfied 100% of the time?
That’s why you should be pleased to learn more about our online food ordering system. Providing a 360⁰ experience, we help push your business forward and keep your customers happy and coming back for more.

Crunch is a superior restaurant online ordering system software that’s very easy to implement. Seriously, you can get started in as little as five minutes, and take your first online order TODAY.

How Does Our Online Food Ordering System Work?

Every time one of your customers places an order (using your website OR social media page) – you are instantly and automatically sent a notification. The notification goes directly to your Crunch Manager or smartphone. Yes, you got it right, your Crunch Manager is your order-receiver.

Once you hear the unique sound alarm you’ll be able to view the order in 100% real-time, in a single page check out. After you review the order? You ACCEPT the order and then insert the estimated delivery time. It’s as simple as that. All of your orders are handled, processed, and you get to confirm and accept (or decline) orders.

Getting Started With Our Online Food Ordering System is FAST, EASY and FREE

In minutes you too can be serving orders online! Without any programming skills required, you can easily implement the restaurant’s digital ordering system. Most restaurant owners are AFRAID to implement an online ordering system… Because they can break, malfunction, or cost a BUNDLE to setup. That’s why our online ordering system for restaurants has been designed with YOU in mind: the restaurant owner or manager. You realize that you NEED to accept orders online, but don’t have a year to test out your new system. That’s why our software is extremely easy to use, configure, and very fast to set up, guaranteed. Benefits of our easy-access online ordering system include:

Easy Implementation

Usually, the path to taking online orders is not a breeze, as implementing the system is not a job for everyone. You have to hire a programmer, redesign your entire website, and you just don’t have the thousands of dollars required for that! It’s too much of a headache…

This is true until Now. Because our online ordering system for your restaurant is so easy to implement and will seamlessly integrate with ANY website WITHOUT any fancy coding. Simply add our custom “Order Online” button to your existing website for a simple, attractive, and FAST integration!

Facebook and Instagram Ordering

Social Media Ordering Image

Imagine if you could make ordering from your restaurant accessible from anywhere. That’s exactly what our online ordering app does, as it can allow any of your customers to place an order via Facebook and Instagram! Now you can eliminate any guesswork and deliver on doing what you do best (offering GREAT food) without the problem of hiring a costly developer. Taking Facebook and Instagram orders has never been this easy.

Instagram Ordering

User Friendly

What good is an online order form if your customers have a hard time understanding it? Our online order forms are the easiest to configure, and the easiest for the end-user! Let’s face it… Your customers DO NOT want to struggle when they place an online order, so that’s why our main intention has always been to create very easy-to-use order systems that ALL of your customers can breeze through and order exactly what they want.

Online Order Confirmation

The problem with most online ordering systems is that they LEAVE THE CUSTOMER out of the loop. That’s why our online ordering system software instantly and automatically emails your customer right after you “Accept” the order. Each and every email or SMS sent to your customer will include the order, pickup details, and your restaurant’s contact information. This type of seamless integration will ensure that your customers get what they want and know for sure that you received the order. Our online ordering system leaves NO corner uncovered, and we’re confident your restaurant can benefit day in and day out.

Never Again Get an Order Wrong

Taking an order over the phone can be frustrating and costly. Our online ordering system statistically INCREASES the validity and correctness of all orders. Are you sick to death of miscommunications that happen when your customers call in? Take a chance with the online food ordering system by Crunch! Sign up today for FREE!

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