Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions about Crunch? Here are some commonly asked questions and their respective answers.

Do You Charge Commissions?​

We do not. Crunch is a commission-free online ordering software. You'll notice the savings right away when you start using Crunch.

Does Crunch Come with a Free Website?​​

Yes, you will get a free basic website (which includes a home page and online ordering page) with your subscription.

Can my customers order via Mobile Apps?

Yes, we offer a complete iOS & Android app feature.

How can I receive orders?

Crunch offers many ways to receive orders, including:
Admin Area
Crunch Manager (Recommended)

What Are the Processing Fees?​

Crunch offers very low processing fees. Please contact us to learn more.

Do You Do Work With Catering Systems?​

Yes. We offer a complete catering software in addition to your regular restaurant software.

Do You Have a Setup Fee?

If you are paying month to month, we charge a one time setup fee. This fee is waived for customers paying annually.

Can I Cancel Crunch?

You can cancel Crunch at anytime.

How Can I Market My Online Ordering?

Once you join Crunch, your account manager will call to teach you how Crunch works and how to use your online marketing system to increase your restaurant's profile and visibility.

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