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Written By Zalmen

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9 Best Advantages of Setting Up Online Ordering System for Your Restaurant

The restaurant industry has been changing for the past decade. While customers are now preferring ordering online, it seems vital for restaurants to switch to the current trend by enhancing their services rather than just offering take out and dine-in facilities. So gone are the days when showcasing the menu online on the website was the way to help customers. Now, customers seek to view the menu on the website as well as ordering it online.

Since mobile devices have become common, they have changed consumers’ perspective when it comes to choosing their next cuisine. It is also observed that restaurants with mobile ordering services are more convenient for customers, which seems beneficial to eateries. Especially, during the COVID-19 outbreak, when consumers preferred ordering food online, allowing restaurants to earn even in the lockdown.

So, if you’re still not sure about having a mobile application or a website for your restaurant is a good idea, you can see the list of advantages below that explains why considering an online ordering mechanism for your business can be beneficial.

Once you’ll get to know the essentiality of running your business online and taking online orders, you will understand the reason why the competitors have already been into the system and serving their consumers with the help of online ordering.

Convenient Ordering for Customer

Depending on your restaurant’s nature, customers may dine-in, takeaway, or call to enjoy food. Undeniably, all these forms are the traditional ways to earn income for a restaurant in a normal setting, and they won’t be changed. Nevertheless, the ordering habits and perception appear to be visibly changed as mobile devices came into existence. Customers now wish to see your menu on their phones through pictures, and without physically attending your restaurant.

Therefore, creating a website that has an online ordering system is the best option, as it allows your customers to check out all the offered items through their tablets, computers, or smartphones. And as a matter of fact, it permits them to explore all your menu without rushing. Your customers are free to share the food menu and bring it to the discussion table with their friends, co-workers, and family members, to finally decide to order. Also, online ordering helps your customers to place an order and pay the bill from any place, such as home and even during traveling. So, in simple words, it brings ease to your customers’ lives in today’s busy schedule and lifestyle.

Contactless to Assure Safety

One of the best things about online ordering is that it’s contactless, which is why it is safe. As now, restaurants are on their way to open again, the traditional forms of ordering and receiving the food have become outdated as they don’t help to maintain the required social distance.

So, with online ordering, your customers feel safer as they can place their orders and directly visit your eatery to receive the food. Once the order is placed, the system will notify you and your staff can instantly start preparing the order before the guests would arrive to pick up the items without talking or shaking hands with anybody. Besides, to make sure the contact is minimum, you can the nearest location somewhere near your restaurant as the food ‘pick up point’. For instance, it could be a separate counter just next to the entrance that will help guests to receive their orders without making any contact.

More Chances of Making Income

Your customers feel relaxed to explore the menu online as compared to choose the food traditionally. This allows you to bring cross-sells and up-sell that ultimately boosts sales, as customers are likely to order more.

But what if any consumer desires to have some extra topping on the food. Let’s say an extra patty, cheese, or veggies? So with an online ordering system, customers can do their customization without many efforts. All they need to do is to tap a button and they are free to customize their food without speaking to staff.

Customers who like to urge for food delivery or takeout will also have simple options to choose from. But what if they have multiple orders, which are big and somehow a little complex? Well, with an online ordering system, they can place an order even for 10 people, which seems very complicated over a phone call. So, it’s simpler for your guests, and also it saves your employees time and resources.

And without long queues and pressure, customers feel satisfied when they see several ordering options, especially when it comes to adding that ‘extra’ item to their food.

Enhanced Efficiency and Time-Saver

Online ordering helps grow your operational capabilities, and it saves a whole lot of time. Rather than noting orders through phone, you can enjoy 2x-10x plenty of orders at the same time that you would expect when a guest visits your place or make a telephone call. This helps your staff to stay more focused on their duties, as they get to spend less time answering the queries and taking orderings through phone calls and then dispatching the orders. So with an online system, your employees can do all the processing and managing other essential tasks simultaneously.

Likewise, if your restaurant has a self-serve online order-placing system, it will empower customers to take control of their orders. All the details can be seen and re-checked before finally placing the order to ensure the order’s accuracy. Plus, it saves employees from making human errors because the system has everything documented. So with an online ordering system, you can savor fewer mistakes, food waster, as well as, minimum time consumption in correcting errors.

Broaden Your Source of Revenue

How would you feel if customers contact you on their own instead of going behind them? Awesome, right? Thanks to the online ordering system for making it happen. By making online ordering possible, you will target higher demographics. In other words, your customers will come from several other areas, which were limited to your physical location before.

It is also observed that due to limited seating arrangements, you can’t serve maximum customers at a single time. But when you have online ordering, you can capture hundreds and thousands of customers and serve them in an equal time. And you’re the only challenge would be administering the order volume instead of finding and reaching customers on your own.

Getting to Know Your Customers in a Superior Way

Knowing the likes and dislikes and several other habits of your customers is surely a blessing. It can help you prepare the order patterns in a way that would be suitable for your customers. This knowledge can help you immediately reveal the current trends, which, in return, will permit you to make profitable business decisions.

For example, if you know that your consumers often choose vegan options, you can focus more on enhancing your vegan items to fulfill your customers’ demands.

Hence, having complete access to this information makes you a great decision-maker in terms of business and marketing affairs. You can add different things to your existing menu, do promotions, and target the audience in a better way rather than relying on assumptions.

Customer Faithfulness

It takes time to build customer trust, but it makes them visit your restaurant more often. Although new customers are vital, making good relations with your existing customers is what makes your business stronger.

One of the ways to create good customer relationships is by rewarding them through attracting loyalty programs. It could be discounts, promo codes, or free food, any loyalty scheme intensifies your business and your customers love to place the next order from your place. And guess what? Online ordering systems allow you to automate and even manage your loyalty programs, which help turns your irregular customers into regular ones.

No Profit Sharing

Using third-party services can be an option, but they charge a percentage, which could deviate your profit goals. Contrarily, there’s no doubt that these services also work as your marketing platform and give exposure to your services to new customers. But some third-party services even charge 30% which could be hard to bear sometimes.

But if you are using Crunch Ordering Platform, you can enjoy all the online ordering perks along with complete branding of your eatery, and without giving any commissions.

Simple Setup

You just need to spare a few minutes to get yourself registered on Crunch Ordering Platform. Once you are on board, the help support team will help you get through the entire online ordering system.

To increase your customers and take all the necessary steps to boost your restaurant business by having an online ordering system.

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